The Vixen Travels The Road to Pasta Bliss


What leads me down this road to Pasta Bliss?  Three men and an airplane ride.  Making my way to a weekend by the sea, I was sipping my complimentary beverage and browsing through the sky magazine when suddenly, there it was.  A one page article awash with illustrations of pasta, all sorts of pasta. The title blared, “There are more than 600 shapes of pasta.”   Be still, and I have only tried a trifle of handfuls in my half century here on earth??  I read the article, it said it would take 20 months to eat through all the types. I  poked my seat row neighbor, Jr. #3 (one of my children), and showed him the article.  His eyebrows raised and being a boy in his teens who thinks about food all day long, he said, “Let’s try them all!”  DING!  This was better than no luggage fees.  What if we did just that?  What if we plowed our forks through every shape of pasta we could find? It could be a great adventure.  A family bonding.  A chance for me to explore my Italian heritage and an excuse to try all those recipes I always file away.  Hmmm…

 I thrust the magazine across the aisle to my husband, let’s call him Dr. Love (a family physician, a pasta lover and my personal Romeo all rolled into one), and as I watched him drool while reading, I mentioned row 5, seat a and b’s plan.  Without missing a breath he said, “I’m in.”   You have to understand, Dr. Love LOVES pasta. More than Oprah craves potato chips, more than Brad lusts for Angelina, more than Julie adores Julia, he LOVES pasta.  I can’t be sure but I think this played a major role in his decision to marry me, the Italian girl who made him ravioli on our third date.  Alas, Jr. #4 (my youngest son) overheard this goofy plan and wasn’t quite as sold on the project as the rest of us.   We were certain it wouldn’t take long before we had him on the noodle train, or should I say plane?  Who knew there were so many pasta shapes in this world and my family would be brave enough to encounter as many of them as they could?

When we returned home from the fated trip, I started collecting pasta shapes. Annelini, cavatappi, orrechieti, gigli, pipe rigate, oh my goodness.  Coming home with my bags of pasta wonders, I researched each shape and  I was pleasantly surprised to find fascinating history and folklore surrounding these silhouettes of dough.  That’s when I decided to blog about our quest to try them.  You people need to know this information; it will make your pasta experience richer than your Alfredo sauce.  You will never look at tortellini the same way again, I guarantee it.  Of course you need a recipe and photos to accompany each one so I will share those with you too.  They will inspire you to delve into my newfound world of endless macaroni figures.

The shape of pasta to come into your life from this blog is gonna rock your pasta lovin’ heart.

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One Response to “The Vixen Travels The Road to Pasta Bliss”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Dear Pastavixen,
    Having already sampled your lasagna, I am looking forward to sharing your adventure! Great job!!!!!
    Wendy (Petitesweets)
    p.s…we are always willing to give you an honest critique if anyone in your household tires of pasta (fat chance!)

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